Posted: Jan 12, 1858 11:04 AM

Pleasure is the only thing worth having a theory about. Besides, if the option is there, then why would nature allow it? It is the ones whom society deems to be the good that are the ones hurting the most. One who lives his entire life in self-denial of pleasure is only harming himself. They let themselves be balancing constantly on the edge of frustration, rather than letting themselves fall. It is utterly pointless to resist. One can invent a pleasure more easily than one can end a sorrow. Thus, one should take advantage of these pleasures, to enjoy them rather than reject them. No civilized man ever regrets a pleasure. They embrace it. I, for one, always adore simple pleasures. Pleasures purify one from one's sins. Resist it, and one's soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself. The mind will control one, rather than letting oneself control it. A cigarette is an example of a perfect pleasure. It never leaves one unsatisfied, and it is wonderfully magnificent. A cigarette soothes one's soul and lets go of their being to surrender themselves to a wonderful haze. Surrendering one’s senses is an exquisite pleasure, and will always be interesting. There is nothing more one could wish for. The modern ideal is always to label. Nothing seems to be acceptable these days. But what are labels but human crafted limits? One must never leave themselves starved of pleasure. As desire will mar their souls for as long as they resist. A life without pleasure is no true life, and self-denial of pleasure is not truly living.