Posted: Mar 20, 1858 12:34 PM

It is hard to disagree that one has the most potential to achieve during one’s youth when one’s cheeks glow, eyes glimmer with conviction, and when the body and mind are strong and flexible. It is also when one is in their most unweathered, beautiful state. There are thousands upon thousands of youth here in London, but will it always be so? Age will wrinkle and warp the body and age will decay the senses. So it is absolutely disheartening to witness youth being squandered helping the hopeless and listening to the ignorant. Wasting the gold of one’s days, it is the one true tragedy in the world. Youth is the climax of one’s life, with the majority afterwards chained to slow, relentless decay. If this always so, how time manipulates life, then why not make time jealous by drinking deeply of everything there is to do, to see, to feel? Otherwise, with time, one will realize that there are no further triumphs or adventures and they must be content until their final day knowing this. It is one of the most terrible existences, knowing that all of one’s life has amounted to bitter discontent and regret. There is nothing in this world, of all its years in existence, that is more valuable than youth. Therefore, live! There are only a few years where one can live perfectly and fully. The true secrets of the world are kept in the visible, never the invisible. Be always in search of the next sensation, and never let any event linger in the mind, there is simply not enough time! Let us all strive to be afraid of nothing. A new Hedonism, this is what will save the century.