Posted: Sep 5, 1857 6:16 PM

Many of my fondest memories were formed during my time at Oxford. However, memories sitting in drab, crowded lecture halls, one should always forget. Therefore, It is quite baffling to see the fiery eagerness in the faces of ardent students, scurrying by the hundreds across campus, labouring for a degree that they will more often display than use. If I shall live to see philosophy or lettering remain engraved on polished hardcovers, then I shall be ashamed to be an Englishman. It is ingrained in modern culture to push those that lack the gifts of both beauty and genius, to fill their minds to the brim with rubbish in the silly hope that they will keep their place. To have the title of “scholar” is quite fashionable these days. The problem arises when the contents of these degrees, is not considered a prerequisite. The educated may be fashionable, but most live a fashionable lie. Children admire their fathers and are punished harshly when they misbehave. They are commanded to pursue selected careers, but they are never told why or encouraged to make a suggestion. In this way, you can the see the blunt injustice someone has to endure when they are forced to harmonize with the demands of another. The modern ideal that so severely blinds the populous to be falsely content, only to realise their mistake as death looms overhead, is what creates the unhappiness that seeps through the fabric of society. If only one was the master of their own destiny, anyone can achieve true happiness. The world was created to be conquered, but man grasps only at the shadows of the world.