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The art of true heartbreak 0
Mar 3, 1859 9:08 PM
Often, I see men and women at night, pacing up and down the streets, contemplating the true meaning behind romance. When asked, they say “we were supposed to be forever,” “we were the perfect match,” “when did I go wrong?” What nonsense they say! Romance is never meant to last. There is no such thing as a “perfect match.” Those who say they are have only begun their first real romance. It can only be a matter of a few months before the man tires of the woman or the woman discovers her dissatisfaction and leaves the man. They regret the entire ordeal just to seek another partner just to repeat the same mistakes. But it is wrong to regret the ending of a romance. I believe that it is rather poetic, rather artistic to end a relationship in tragedy. The most lyrical of romances are those that end with devastating heartbreak, one which either leaves the man desperate and confused or the woman lost in a sea of emotion. Watching these alluring tragedies happen can be as pleasurable a... Read more

The past is the least of our worries 0
Dec 28, 1858 9:07 AM
I absolutely despise those who linger on the past. They often stick to the sorrows and sin that they have committed. They tend to reminisce, day and night, of their mistakes- how they could’ve made a single decision to change their past for the better. Frequently these mistakes were not in their control- but their minds are only filled with regret. This should not be how one should spend their days. Life is always filled with many opportunities ahead, and sticking to the past should be the least of a person’s worries. One can never repeat an emotion, time traps you in the present, so why dwell on something you cannot change? To dwell is to regret, and to regret is to abandon the present and future leaving it untended and withering. It is miraculously easy to tell when one lost their youth. Once one loses their youth, their ideas become stuck in that single point of time. They complain of what they have lost, their youthfulness and personal value. They no longer seek the part... Read more